Donald Trump should pick Ivanka as his running mate

She is a woman. I am a skeptic about the idea that women who plan to vote for Hillary Clinton might be tempted by Trump simply because he picks a woman as his running mate. John McCain gave that a shot eight years ago, and it was not a success. But Trump’s problems with women far exceed McCain’s, and having a constant reminder that he has strong, smart women in his life probably isn’t the worst idea.

She knows how to work with Donald Trump. Of all of the considerations that seem critical in a Trump vice president, the ability to deal with the quixotic candidate seems pretty near the top of the list. Chris Christie’s given it a go and stuck with it even after being curtly dismissed at one event, and told not to eat cookies at another. But Ivanka’s been putting up with his shtick for 35 years (in October) and been successful at it.

She is a good campaign surrogate. We could probably modify this by saying that Ivanka isn’t a bad surrogate; after all, her recent assurance that her father was “not a groper” probably wasn’t super helpful. Compared to other Trump surrogates, though — Ben Carson, for example — she’s hitting at a remarkably good batting average. This is almost certainly a function of having been around her father long enough to have a very good innate sense of his boundaries, and of how to present his will to the world.