The Trump "disruption" con

I agree with Trump supporters on the need for disruption of all of those things. But I’m left with a question: Why do they believe Trump will be a reliable agent of disruption?

Yes, he points out the hypocrites and liars. And, yes, he has crushed the GOP leaders who have contributed to the right-left divide that has paralyzed Washington and earned Congress a dismal 13 percent approval rating.

But what is Trump’s plan once he kicks out the bums?

He has no clear political principles to anchor him or to give his fans any reason to believe he can repair the damage.

Instead, he hurtles wildly from one position to another. Just last week, he said his infamous pledge to temporarily ban all non-citizen Muslims from entering the country was “only a suggestion.”

This equivocation must have come as a surprise to his diehard supporters. It will be one of many disappointments if he is elected.