Marco Rubio confidantes not sold on Senate run despite GOP push

But Rubio confidantes say it’s not going to happen, with less than a month to go before the June 24 filing deadline in Florida, and a handful of Republicans — including a personal friend of his — already in the race.

“I think there’s no shot in hell Marco runs for his seat again. He’s crossed that bridge. Marco needs to make money. He has four kids in private school and to put through college in near future,” said Ana Navaro, a Florida-based GOP strategist and Rubio ally. “He has no trust fund or nest egg. Marco told me the first week after being elected that he did not want to ‘be a lifer’ in the Senate. I think that’s true. He’s impatient and lives life quickly.”

Just as important, he’s “far from a shoo-in to win” in November, Ms. Navaro said.