Clinton cronies are smearing voters she'll need

Wasserman Schultz was joined in her gratuitous Sanders bashing by Clinton booster Sen. Barbara Boxer, who claimed she feared for her safety when Sanders’ supporters booed her. (A few people apparently also yelled obscenities.) Boxer told CNN, “I was on the stage and people were 6 feet away from me, and if I didn’t have a lot of security, I don’t know what would have happened.” The senator described the unwashed masses getting within 6 feet of her and her security team at a public event as “scary” and “frightening.”

A more accurate rendering of the event would be to say that people were very angry. Why wouldn’t they be?

After all, they’ve watched as Democratic mandarins tell them who the nominee is going to be. In addition to the DNC chair’s heavy-handedness, and the positively royal attitude of Boxer, many superdelegates have thrown their support behind Clinton before a single vote was cast at July’s Democratic National Convention, and some made clear they wouldn’t change their vote even if their state went for Sanders.

This all has happened despite the fact that 57% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters say Sanders should stay in the race through the convention. Among Sanders’ supporters, it’s 89%.