Vast majority of GOP lawmakers back Donald Trump

In the House, as of Monday only 11 of 246 Republicans have categorically said they won’t endorse. Every member of the House Republican leadership team has endorsed Trump except for Speaker Paul Ryan, who has given every indication an endorsement is more likely than not at some point.

But congressional Republicans aren’t exactly bursting with pro-Trump fervor given how few of them are publicly characterizing their support for him as an endorsement and calling him by name.

The Examiner found that only five of 54 Senate Republicans have explicitly endorsed Trump in this fashion. In the House, it was 38 out of 246. And some of these were less than effusive, as Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., has been quoted as saying she was “not exactly” enthusiastic about it.

Six Republican senators and an eye-popping 61 House Republicans haven’t definitively said whether they will support the presumptive nominee.