The real costs of biking to work

The benefits of biking to work are easy to see. First, it’s an automatic way to introduce exercise into your day without having to stress about going to the gym. Then there’s the fact that you are powering yourself, which means paying no gas or mass transit fees. And there are the other, less measurable benefits of enjoying just a bit more fresh air on the way to and from your office and not being held hostage to train schedules or traffic jams.

But biking, or cycling if you insist, still carries a price tag. In fact, if you really love it you may get a bit carried away, as I have, and end up paying significantly more than you would if you commuted the conventional way. (But I still feel like I come out ahead.)

For most people, however, biking to work can be a big money saver. Here’s a breakdown of what you need, and how much it will cost you to get started.