Eric Trump on Clinton: Everything is fair game

Eric Trump wishes everyone would just “take the high road” but he expects a general election between his father and Hillary Clinton to get nasty. The reason: He thinks the Clintons will “take the low road” when campaigning.

Trump’s son appeared on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom Wednesday and discussed how the campaign expected to attack Clinton in the general.

“Everything is going to be fair game. There’s just no question. At this point, anything is going to be fair game. They are going to throw everything at us and we’re probably going to have to do the same thing right back. It’d be really nice if everyone said let’s take the high road, let’s talk about what people actually want to get accomplished, but that’s just not the way the Clintons fight.”

His comments echo those of his father’s long-time adviser Roger Stone, who has been criticizing the Clintons since long before Trump ran for president.