Game of Thrones: 7 Easter eggs, references, and callbacks you might have missed

Season 6, Episode 4 of Game of Thrones had plenty of plot twists and shocking moments to keep even the most casual viewer coming back for more. But after a few re-watches, even more layers of the story come to light. Here’s a spoiler-free look at all the references, callbacks, and Easter eggs you might have missed from “The Book of the Stranger.”

While the emotion in Margaery’s reunion with her poor brother, Loras, was palpable, the dialogue might have seemed a little lacking. “Stay strong!” “I can’t!” “You must!” But if they were a little dull, it was on purpose. “Growing Strong” are the words of House Tyrell. Imagine Sansa hollering “Winter Is Coming!” at Jon to get him to join her cause. So even if the dialogue may have read a little flat to you, remember, those are loaded words for those scrappy Tyrell kids.

Also, this was the first of three instances in which sisters told their brothers to basically buck up. Sansa Stark, Margaery Tyrell, and Yara Greyjoy all had to do the heavy lifting this week as the men of Westeros—Jon, Loras, and Theon—were stuck brooding.