Huma Abedin is humiliated again in new ‘Weiner’ doc

Maybe it was prophetic that her parents named her Huma — close as it is to “humiliated.”

Apart from living in the world of “Games of Thrones,” it’s hard to imagine how one woman could suffer as many walks of shame as Huma Abedin has over the past few years.

The put-upon wife of creepy sexter Anthony Weiner has managed to publicly weather two of her husband’s tawdry phone-message scandals. Now she’s forced to relive them, as the documentary “Weiner” hits theaters Friday.

When the couple OK’d filming, they clearly expected a comeback story: “Disgraced congressman rebounds to become mayor.” What unfolded instead became a headline writer’s dream (“Weiner’s Rise and Fall”) and a wife’s nightmare. Yet there’s Abedin standing, however grimly, by her man.

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