Why "Never Hillary" trumps "Never Trump"

One of today’s enduring mysteries is why Hillary isn’t already wearing a prison-striped pantsuit after abusing 2,115 classified emails, the Wall Street Journal calculates, and benefiting from the bribes-for-favors pump called the Clinton Foundation. She’s under active investigation by “fewer than 50” FBI agents, the Washington Post reports.

But, phantasmagorically, this bothers the left about as much as if she acquired 49 new Facebook friends.

And remember the Supreme Court seat so unexpectedly vacated by the late Antonin Scalia? Assuming that vacuum persists, Trump might fill it with federal appellate Judge Janice Rogers Brown, Arizona Supreme Court Justice Clint Bolick or US Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah).

There is zero chance Hillary even would glance at the résumés of these committed constitutionalists. The best-case scenario is that she would nominate former Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz to the Supremes. Conversely, she could reward Obama for keeping her unindicted by tapping him to occupy Scalia’s chair — for life.

Thus, on Election Day, I will pull the lever for my fifth choice for president: Donald J. Trump. He’s the only thing standing between America and the woman who would turn our exceptional country into Christina Kirchner’s Argentina, if we’re lucky, or Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela, if we aren’t.