Megyn Kelly mocks CNN, MSNBC Trump coverage

After Stirewalt remarked upon the “breathless” media coverage of Trump’s visit — “like the papal visit to Washington, D.C.,” Kelly chimed in with some mockery of her own.

“The countdown on MSNBC, they had a countdown clock,” she said, referring to the network’s clock ticking down to the Trump/Ryan confab.

“Look, look CNN with a shot of Trump’s plane,” Kelly remarked, as footage from CNN appeared on screen. “Wolf Blitzer was walking us through the plane’s progress on the tarmac.”

Loesch joked, “I was shocked they didn’t have a hologram. That’s the next thing that comes, right?”

“You would have thought it was the second coming,” Kelly said, poking fun at MSNBC’s “Breaking News” chyron that read “Breaking News: Trump Gives Thumbs Up Heading Into Meeting”