Clinton is blowing it by focusing on Trump's Republican critics

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been maintaining a list that is regularly updated and sent out to reporters highlighting conservatives criticizing Donald Trump since he was declared the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. But this approach to Trump could very well backfire.

The list is published on the Clinton campaign website under the title, “Conservatives Rebuke Trump As He Captures Republican Nomination.” In the past week the Clinton campaign has sent out seven different emails, by my count, highlighting conservatives or Republicans who are criticizing Trump or outright saying they couldn’t support his nomination. (Disclosure: I am featured on the list.)

“Day after day since Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee for president, Republicans and conservative commentators continue to reject his unpredictable, risky and divisive candidacy,” the latest email sent out Wednesday reads. “Donald Trump has for years proven himself to be a loose cannon whose hateful language and dangerous policies will do serious harm to working families and put America’s security at risk, and Republicans are continuing to acknowledge that a President Trump would be too big a risk.”