Marco Rubio nukes his credibility

“Absolutely. Absolutely,” Rubio replied. “He is dangerous. He has dangerous views about the world.” Rubio cited Trump’s admiration of Putin and the Chinese government, his sharing quotes from Mussolini, and his refusal to condemn David Duke and the KKK days before several Southern states held primaries.

On March 12, after Trump had encouraged violence against non-violent protesters, Rubio was asked if he could support Trump in November if Trump were the GOP nominee. “I don’t know,” Rubio replied. “It’s getting harder every day.”

Today, Rubio said that he wasn’t backing away from any of his remarks about Trump. But Rubio argued that—because he signed the RNC pledge and because he doesn’t want Hillary Clinton to win—he must support a man so unfit for office he can’t be trusted with access to the nuclear football.

What does Rubio’s logic say about his own fitness for the highest office in the land? Nothing good.

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