White House seeks to contain fallout from aide’s comments

But a number of journalists named in the piece were furious about how they were described by author David Samuels: as having “helped retail the administration’s narrative” about the deal.

“This is an unsupported, defamatory allegation that somehow slipped into The New York Times Magazine by a guy, it should be pointed out, who has had a grudge against me for several years,” The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg told The Huffington Post.

Goldberg absolved Rhodes of responsibility for how he came across in the piece, and instead blamed Samuels. “Of course not,” Rhodes told Goldberg when asked if he told Samuels the writer was handpicked to “retail” the administration’s message on Iran.

“I told him I don’t think I ever convinced you that it was a good deal,” Rhodes said, according to a piece Goldberg published online.

Al-Monitor’s Laura Rozen said she was seeking a correction from the magazine for “misleading and inaccurate assertions made about me.”

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