Trump faces stiff opposition from Hispanic Republicans

But many now cannot abide the GOP standard bearer. Hillary Clinton is equally unpalatable to them but they fear Trump’s rhetoric and policies on immigration could alienate the nation’s fastest-growing ethnic group and stall efforts to bring more Hispanics into the Republican Party.

“I could never, ever, ever, vote for this man. I can’t even say his name. He has offended me, he has offended the people I love, and the people I represent,” said Rosario Marin, a California Republican who served as U.S. Treasurer under President George W. Bush.

“I have been a Republican in places not easy to be a Republican,” Marin added. “I have fought for my Republican principles, I have fought hard to register Latinos as Republicans — to run as Republicans. And, here comes along this man who doesn’t represent any of that. And I’m supposed to support him? No.”