The GOP doesn't seem to be cracking up in down-ballot races

In Florida, nine candidates have entered the race for the Republican nomination to succeed Sen. Marco Rubio, who decided not to seek re-election in order to run for president. Those candidates vary widely in experience and background, but the three consistent poll leaders have been two congressmen, Ron DeSantis (with two terms in the House), and David Jolly (who is in his second term and worked for the previous incumbent in his district), and Lt. Gov. Carlos López-Cantera (in his first term, but who served in the statehouse for a decade). These three have received the bulk of funding and endorsements in the race, as well.

Another nine candidates are vying for the GOP nod in the race to replace Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada, the minority leader, who last year announced his decision to retire after five terms. The only two candidates with any serious showing in the polls are Sharron Angle, the tea party candidate who was defeated by Reid for the seat in 2010, and Rep. Joe Heck, a third-term incumbent and a former state senator. Heck is strongly favored for the nomination, judging from polls.

In Indiana, Sen. Dan Coats is retiring, and there were only two Republicans competing to succeed him, both of whom are currently congressmen. Marlin Stutzman has been in the House since 2010 and previously served as a state legislator, while Todd Young has also been in office since 2010 and previously worked for the Heritage Foundation and Sen. Richard Lugar. Young, who was backed by allies of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, won easily.