Ben Sasse, please run for president!

I’ve argued before that resisting Trump should take the form of a third-party bid, because it’s the honorable thing to do, it’s politically smart, and it will show that the Republican Party can’t win without true conservatives. But the question remains: Who should be the standard-bearer of this party?

Nikki Haley would be the perfect choice, but it seems that, tragically and short-sightedly, she’s backing Trump, however tepidly.

Mitt Romney almost certainly won’t. And that’s okay — while he’s a good man, he also represents the self-delusion of the GOP establishment that made Trump’s rise possible to begin with.

Paul Ryan is a good choice. He represents much of what’s best about the Republican Party, he gets it, and he has experience with a national campaign. But he ruled himself out of running for president. Technically, he ruled himself out as a white-horse candidate in a contested convention, not a third-party campaign, but it sounds like he’s determined to stay in the speaker’s office.

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