The House and the Trump factor

Trump and the Democrats’ presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton, have “unfavorable” ratings of 60 percent and 59 percent, respectively, which means a large part of the electorate feels it faces a choice of being shot or stabbed. Do they vote for Hillary over Donald, not vote at all, or skip the presidential ballot in order to support their down-ballot representatives?

Somewhere inside that calculation is the sweet spot for the Republican majority.

Shuster offered his support for Trump the day after he won his race. He, like U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey of Lehigh Valley and Republicans trying to hold on to their big majority in Pennsylvania, will be scorched with Trump brands on everything they do.

The fire in this race is at the top of the ticket; that is the one thing we do know about this election cycle. Whether the flames spread down-ballot depends on the individual candidates.

The one thing everyone should glean from this cycle is simple — never promise to deliver what you can’t, and always deliver what you promise.