Inside the conservative effort to woo a third-party challenger

According to one participant in that group’s conference call, the activists are confident some prominent person will agree to run. “Absolutely,” one person said. “It’s a wide open opportunity.”

For now, the group wants to show potential candidates that there is a framework to help them. The source inside the group said the “fundraising” would be there for a candidate, but declined to cite specific donors.

“A candidate is going to need to know that there is a serious effort behind it,” the participant said. “Our job, which we have made great strides in doing, is figuring out how it can work and marshaling the experienced talents to make it work.”

The hope is that a third party candidate would win enough states to prevent either Clinton or Trump from winning the necessary 270 electoral votes. Under that scenario, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives would choose the president, and these activists hope the body would choose their third-party candidate.