GOP likely to revoke Nevada's early-state status

For three successive elections, the state has been grouped in the vaunted class of early-voting states, joining Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina as the bellwethers that garner the most attention from presidential candidates and help winnow voters’ choices. But for the third straight primary season, Nevada’s caucuses have been wracked by embarrassing procedural errors, low turnout, confusion among attendees and questions about the integrity of the process.

Republican National Committee members say there’s growing momentum behind an effort to strip Nevada of its early place in line — handing it instead to either Colorado or Arizona.

“The long knives are out for Nevada,” said one RNC committeeman. “Nevada does nothing for us.”

The review of the state’s pecking order is likely to be just one piece of the GOP’s wholesale review of a nominating process that just produced one of the most acrimonious primary seasons in memory and ended with Donald Trump as the party’s nominee.