Trump is giving the over-educated geeks who run the world a sharp lesson in reality

The problem with getting a university education is that it means that most of us end up subscribing to the same international liberal values and the same view of how the world should be, blinding us to the realities of other people’s lives. For a long time the under-educated were okay with this, as they were busy earning money in lower-skilled jobs and trusted the educated elite to look after their concerns and aspirations. Which is what the establishment did for much of the late 20th century, delivering progressive policies that encouraged social mobility and a spread of wealth throughout society.

That trust has now been broken. As I detail in my book Protest Vote, the under-educated have woken up to the fact that the establishment is no longer looking after their interests but feathering its own nest. The rich are getting richer, the poor poorer and social mobility is a faltering engine.

The under educated are also aghast are the levels of mass immigration encouraged by their educational superiors, and quite rightly voting for politicians who want to limit or control this assault on their hometown way of life. They are angry at global trade agreements that destroy manufacturing jobs in their own backyard. Amazing as it may seem to the over educated, not everyone wants to or is suited to working at a desk staring at a screen. Some people like to get out and work with their hands, and want more well-paid jobs like that – and that desire is good for families and communities throughout the USA and Europe.