Republican establishment nightmare: Cruz 2020

If he runs again in 2020, Cruz is likely to position himself as the purer candidate than rumored hopefuls who have tried to meld conservatism and pragmatism, like House Speaker Paul Ryan, or even erstwhile rival Marco Rubio, who has a conservative record but who was painted as unreliable by Cruz. The Texan’s likely challenge would be the limited appeal and broad establishment opposition that hindered his 2016 campaign.

Some Cruz supporters at his Indiana election night event were already on board with a re-run in 2020.

Cruz “absolutely” should run again in 2020 if he’s not the nominee in 2016, said Bob Moore, 70, an engineering consultant from Goshen and a Tea Party activist who said he spent primary day waving Cruz signs to voters entering polling locations in Elkhart County, Indiana.

Moore argued that the senator would learn from his first run, and he has attributes he wants in a presidential candidate: integrity, Christian values, and a knowledge of the U.S. Constitution. “I think he should run, and I think he’d be an excellent president.”

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