Our national dumpster fire

Some of these people had previously warned in the starkest terms about Trump—with Rubio calling him “erratic” and a “lunatic” and Jindal suggesting he’s “dangerous” and a “hothead” who should be kept away from the nuclear codes.

This wasn’t overheated campaign rhetoric. It was the truth. It is the truth. And that’s what is remarkable about many of the Republicans lining up to support Trump: They are choosing to support a man they recognize as unfit for the office…

We are watching as the Republican party moves from an imperfect vehicle for advancing conservative ideas to a hollow institution devoted to little more than winning elections for the sake of winning elections. That’s the prerogative of Republican leaders and is plainly the preference of a vocal minority of Republican voters, but it’s not the only option…

If nothing changes, this will be the choice presented to Americans in November. An ignorant, unstable conspiracy theorist with no core principles versus an inveterate liar dedicated to ever-expanding government. Clinton and Trump are the least popular major-party candidates in the history of polling. Hillary Clinton is viewed “very unfavorably” by 37 percent of Americans; Trump is viewed “very unfavorably” by a staggering 53 percent.

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