The "Never Clinton" campaign

These voters express unwavering dedication to Sanders on social media, deploying hashtags like NeverClinton and NeverHillary, and circulating petitions like, which asks visitors to promise “under no circumstances will I vote for Hillary Clinton.” It’s garnered more than 56,500 signatures so far. Many feel alienated by the Democratic Party. They may want unity, but not if it means a stamp of approval for a political status quo they believe is fundamentally flawed and needs to be fixed.

“Just pack up your revolution and go home? Really? That’s not going to happen,” said Tara Margolin, a 50-year-old Sanders supporter and self-described Democrat who lives in Los Angeles. She dismissed the idea that Sanders voters might coalesce behind Clinton. “She would cement in place everything we are fighting against. I could never in good conscience vote for Hillary Clinton.”…

Some high-profile Democrats have voiced anxiety over party unity, but doom-and-gloom predictions over party divisions should be taken with a grain of salt. A McClatchy-Marist poll released in April found that roughly 25 percent of Sanders supporters say they won’t back Clinton in a general election if it came to that. But that estimate of discontent, and others like it that attempt to take the temperature of voters while the primary race is still underway, is likely overinflated, or at the very least a poor gauge of what will happen in the general election.