Hillary forces targeting Bush donors, of course

“When you think about it there is no downside to making these calls, including for Hillary herself to make then,” this person said. “They may say no but they will talk to her for half an hour about their view of the world and probably say nice things when asked about her publicly. And they might stay away from Trump.”

Clinton spokesman Josh Schwerin did not deny the calls were happening. “There’s no official outreach from the campaign but I would not be at all surprised if our supporters are doing it on their own.”…

“I got a call from a friend, a Hillary supporter, and he said he’d love to chat about what a disaster Trump is,” said one major Bush donor and bundler who declined to be identified by name. “Then I got a call from another guy, also a big Democrat, who said exactly the same thing. I responded to one in an email and said I didn’t really think Trump was a disaster and I’d be supporting him because Hillary would be a bigger disaster. It’s smart that they are doing it but I don’t know how much it will work.”

This donor added that Jeb Bush would not likely direct his donors to help Clinton in any way. “As much as Jeb hates Trump, and he really does hate Trump, he doesn’t want to help Hillary.”

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