Are we sure Trump's nomination is now a done deal?

Picture it: It’s July, and Republicans are gathering in Cleveland. The polls still look more like the most recent CNN one – Hillary ahead by 13 – than the most recent Rasmussen one – Trump ahead by 2. Trump remains the same man he’s been all along – speaking off-the-cuff and contradicting himself, offering conspiracy theories, casually suggesting he might use nuclear weapons here and there, rambling about celebrities, and still jabbing at “Lyin’ Ted” and “Little Marco” even though the primary is done. Supporters fight with protesters at Trump rallies, week after week. Every Republican lawmaker is hiding from the press, as they’re constantly being asked if they stand by the nominee’s latest controversial comment. GOP hopes of holding the Senate look doomed; they know they will lose House seats, the question is whether it will be enough to make Nancy Pelosi the Speaker again.

The Republican Party peers at the abyss ahead. Do the delegates still nominate Trump?