Trump’s policy plans are real, detailed -- and great

Trump’s lower 15 percent business rate would also apply to small businesses that usually get taxed at individual income-tax rates. That would give a break to mom-and-pop operations, start-ups and other small businesses that are the source of most jobs.

Compare Trump’s blueprint with Clinton’s nightmare scenario: Higher taxes, more tax complexity and an avalanche of new regulations. Over-regulation has depressed economic growth for the last 15 years.

The Obama administration suffocated business with 81,000 pages of new regulations in 2015 alone. Hillary is pushing for even more — with controls on hiring, pay, bonuses and overtime to promote “fairer growth.” Translation: gender and racial preferences, plus meddling in how much you get paid.

Remember Obama’s statement, “You didn’t build that.” Hillary assumes “you don’t own that.” Government will run your business. Hillary wants companies to stop maximizing quarterly earnings for shareholders — what she derides as “quarterly capitalism.” She wants “farsighted investments” (whatever that means). Companies that can get out of the United States will rush for the exits.

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