The dangerous nihilism of Trump voters

I would also note that those who may support Trump due to economic concerns are fully aware of his contemptuous refusal to offer anything but his own purported business brilliance by way of a solution — because no sentient person could be unaware of it.

The pro-Trump segment of the American electorate has thus abdicated a basic duty of a democratic citizenry: to hold a candidate accountable for his or her ideas. Worse, many seem to regard his crude simplifications as a feature, not a bug — a badge of uninvolvement in the corrupt Washington system, especially the part of it controlled by the Republican Party, which, according to a majority of exit-polled Indiana voters, has “betrayed” the rank and file…

How can Trump voters be upset about systemic favoritism of the lazy and upset that immigrants are taking all the jobs? The same way they simultaneously express anger and distrust toward the federal government and believe Trump can order that feckless leviathan to wall off Mexico, stick it to China, wipe out the Islamic State and keep the Social Security checks flowing.

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