Hill GOP braces for Trump

In West Virginia on Thursday, Trump will appear without the state’s GOP Sen. Shelley Moore Capito by his side. Her office says she had a prior arrangement on the schedule. In Arizona, Sen. Jeff Flake was more blunt about his disenchantment with Trump, telling NPR: “I’m still in the first stage of grief, denial, I guess at this point, but gotta move past it and we’ll see.”

He said he can’t see how he can support Trump if he continues to advocate for policies that include keeping Muslims from entering the country, and building a wall on the southern border paid for by Mexico.

“A ban on Muslims, a religious test for people entering the country? I cannot see support for a Republican nominee who would do that,” he said. “He may well back away. I certainly hope he does.”

Still, some in the House Republican universe believe that repudiating Trump is akin to “spitting in the face” of their constituents, who overwhelmingly elected the New York billionaire.

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