Clinton's dilemma: To punch or not to punch

Top operatives in Clinton’s Brooklyn headquarters have studied closely the various strategies deployed by the Republicans felled by Trump — including that of the former Florida governor, whose passivity in the face of Trump’s taunts and insults doomed his once-inevitable seeming campaign. They also took notes as Sen. Marco Rubio tried and failed to match Trump in an unflattering game of personal insults.

“She will not be passive, like we saw from so many of the Republicans he vanquished,” said Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon. “But she will also not follow him into the gutter. She can challenge him in the way the Republicans wouldn’t — on the issues and on his hateful rhetoric.”…

But Trump adviser Roger Stone shrugged at the Clinton game plan to attack Trump while taking the high road. “Who’s defining what’s a personal attack? It’s an affront when you raise issues she doesn’t want to go into,” Stone said of the Clinton strategy, ticking off areas of he plans to attack her on, including her husband’s sex scandals of the 1990s and her behavior toward the women involved. “The finances of the Foundation are a blueprint of self-dealing at a minimum,” he added.