Good news: Rubio learning to love the Senate

Today, Rubio says he is “150 percent” committed to being a senator and, by all appearances, having a great time. So much for the idea that Rubio “hates” his day job, as one alleged friend anonymously described the senator’s attitude last year.

“A couple times I’ve wondered, ‘Boy, if we had a couple more years, we could really get some stuff done,’” Rubio told POLITICO, displaying some misgiving over what might have been.

“Seniority is really a big deal in the Senate. The longer you’re there, the more influence you have,” added Rubio, who will leave office in January. “I regret that I won’t have the opportunity to be in a position of seniority, where you have the chairmanship of a committee.”

Unlike Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, his former presidential primary rival, Rubio decided he wouldn’t hedge his bets by running simultaneously for reelection and president. He could technically still hop back in the race for his seat but says he won’t — much to the GOP’s chagrin.

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