Why aren't we having a national conversation about leftist violence?

This is called a riot. And it isn’t the first time. In Chicago, anti-Trump protestors acted similarly violently in an effort to shut down another speech—making them no better than ugly Trump fans who threaten protestors and the media. It makes them no better than the bikers, truckers, and other pro-Trump groups who are going to descend on Cleveland to physically intimidate Republicans during the convention.

Of course people are angry about Donald Trump. Of course people are livid about “globalization.” Of course people are infuriated about all the money in politics. Trump’s rhetoric doesn’t excuse the liberal attacks on speech we saw in California and Chicago, or the illiberal “protests” we’ve seen on college campuses for decades now. A protest is a statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something. What campus lefties engage in are efforts to stop free expression. For that matter, it’s doesn’t excuse the Democratic Party’s constant assaults on the First Amendment. The Left has a free speech problem.

When are we going to treat ourselves to a national conversation about the Left’s propensity to undermine free speech? Why aren’t we talking about leftist violence? We treat these events as isolated incidents that have nothing to do with the politics of the contemporary liberalism. We afford no other political movement the same leeway.

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