How Trump beats Clinton

Does anyone think that, in the debates, Hillary will be able to withstand the blunt-force trauma the braggadocious billionaire deployed to knock Jeb and his other rivals out of the race?

Trump won’t hesitate to hammer her, and everything from Monica Lewinsky and Bubba’s “bimbo eruptions” to Whitewater, to Benghazi will be on the table. He’ll also saddle her with the miserable Obama economy — seven straight years of anemic growth below 3 percent, the coal industry collapsing, a record number of able-bodied men and women out of the workforce. Millions will cheer.

In the last few primaries, Trump outperformed his poll numbers by 6 percent (New York) to 12 percent (Pennsylvania). Which indicates that — surprise — folks sometimes lie to pollsters even as they secretly admire Trump’s freewheeling positions on such hot-button issues as illegal immigration, Islamic terrorism and the Obama administration’s diplomatic ineptitude.

Finally, there’s this: What doesn’t take Trump down only makes him stronger and more popular. Every rival who’s rushed him headlong has been eliminated. Every time he says something that’s the “last straw,” his numbers jump.

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