Trump said to lack plans for fundraising, vetting running mate

On the cusp of the Republican nomination, Donald Trump has no blueprint for raising the estimated $1 billion he’d need to take on the Democrats and no process in place to begin vetting vice presidential contenders, according to multiple people familiar with the campaign…

National party officials usually default to the nominee for convention program planning and hefty fundraising for down-ballot races, but no joint account between Trump and the Republican National Committee exists yet (Mitt Romney had one by April last election cycle) and it’s unclear if and when the campaign would take the reins. The Republican National Committee will have accounts in place “very shortly” — for all three Republican candidates, said RNC spokesman Sean Spicer.

And not everyone is worried. Pennsylvania GOP chairman Rob Gleason, who was among the swing state leaders who Manafort has singled out for private meetings recently, said he thinks Trump aides “really want to get the party on board and they recognize that Donald Trump needs the Republican Party’s organization to win in the fall.”