Weighing Trump's running-mate options

Now that Ted Cruz has announced his vice-presidential pick is Carly Fiorina, the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza contemplates the most likely running mates for Donald Trump. In order of likelihood, Cillizza names New Jersey governor Chris Christie, Florida governor Rick Scott, Iowa senator Joni Ernst, Ohio governor John Kasich, and Florida senator Marco Rubio.

This list is a mix of the likely and the nearly impossible. Starting at the top, Christie’s an obvious prospect; he was one of the first major Republican rivals to endorse Trump, and he did so at the moment when Trump needed it most, resetting the news cycle in a week when Marco Rubio had torn the front-runner apart.

Some Republicans who see Trump as reckless and inexperienced might feel better with Christie at his side — or perhaps a few paces behind, staring awkwardly and silently ahead. Then again, it’s not clear how much Trump actually likes Christie — remember, “Get on the plane. Go home”? — and with Christie’s approval rating in New Jersey in the dumpster, it’s not terribly likely a Trump-Christie ticket would carry the Garden State.