Trump has repeatedly sympathized with Hillary Clinton over Lewinsky affair

Donald Trump and his campaign staff in recent days have signaled that they plan to attack Hillary Clinton for the martial indiscretions of her husband.

Trump tweeted on Friday that Hillary Clinton was “one of the all time great enablers!” Similarly, Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson said the campaign was willing to bring up Monica Lewinsky.

“I think that depends on Hillary Clinton,” Pierson said on MSNBC Live when asked about Lewinsky. ”

“This came about because she called Donald Trump a sexist,” she continued. “It boggles my mind that if a woman is criticized, all of a sudden that makes you a sexist. That is simply not the case.”

A BuzzFeed News review shows Trump used to speak much differently about Bill Clinton’s affair. In a series of late1999 interviews, the year Hillary Clinton began exploring a run for Senate in New York, Trump expressed sympathy for her for having endured so much.

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