Poll: Democrats and Republicans both agree party nomination rules need to change

So it may not be a surprise that voters this year – Republican and Democrat are dubious that the current system has generally produced the best candidates. But that feeling has been around a while. Eight years ago, at about the same point in the campaign, Americans also doubted the process did a good job at selecting nominees.

Democrats and Republicans felt similarly in 2008, in a polls also conduced while the primary process was in progress. However, opinion may soften at least a little after the nominees are known: in a July, 2000 CBS News poll, after the nominees were known, the public was split evenly on this question.

What has troubled people for a long time is the calendar of the primary season. Since at least 1988, Americans have said they prefer a single primary day – not the extended series of primaries and caucuses which this year stretches from February to June. Democrats and Republicans agree on this principle.