How the #NeverTrump crowd can cripple Trump's presidency

But, in order to win in November, he’s going to need the support of the #NeverTrump crowd in the nation’s suburbs. Without it, he’ll certainly lose to Hillary Clinton, even if he does win the white, blue-collar vote by numbers never seen before in the Republican Party.

“I’m not prepared to say Trump can’t win my state,” said G. Terry Madonna, the director of the Franklin and Marshall College Poll in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. “But in order to do so, he’s going to have to marry his white-working class support with the stop Trump movement as quickly as possible.”

Many pollsters believe Mr. Trump’s path to the White House, if he becomes the Republican nominee, is by maximizing blue-collar support across the Rust Belt and into states in the northeast, like Pennsylvania, where Republicans have traditionally lagged. Mr. Trump’s campaign has said they believe they can flip at least Pennsylvania, Michigan, Maryland and Delaware into red states.

Based on preliminary data, it’s not out of the question.

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