Can Carly Fiorina really help Ted Cruz in California?

So what could the Fiorina effect be on Cruz’s California primary prospects? First, Fiorina appeals to many of the same kinds of conservative voters who would naturally gravitate toward Cruz — and probably would have voted for him anyway.
Fiorina could entice more suburban women to give a second look to Cruz in both Indiana and California, but many female voters in California are more socially moderate than Fiorina, who staunchly opposes abortion rights.

Her Silicon Valley connections might lift their potential ticket in those congressional districts — and certainly help Cruz on the fundraising circuit — but after Fiorina’s rocky tenure at HP, she is certainly not a revered or beloved figure within Silicon Valley.

Fiorina exhibited some pull with independent voters in 2010, beating Boxer 47% to 42%, according to exit polls. But independent voters can’t vote in the closed Republican primary in California. Trump holds a wide lead in recent polling by Fox News