Susan Sarandon talks breakup with Hillary: I fear her record more than Trump’s wall

Actress Susan Sarandon has been really turning up the heat on Hillary Clinton lately, and she appeared on The Late Show Wednesday night to explain why she’s supporting Bernie Sanders over her former political favorite.

Sarandon listed fracking, the minimum wage and the Iraq war as points of disagreement with Clinton, and said they built on each other so much over time that she had to ask herself ‘who is this person, I can’t trust her.” She explained further that whereas Clinton has regretted several of her biggest decisions and taken positions based on political expediency, Sanders has been a much more principled, consistent advocate for liberal beliefs…

“I’m more afraid of Hillary Clinton’s war record and hawkishness than I am of building a wall,” Sarandon said. “But that doesn’t mean I would vote for Trump.”