Did Cruz just make Vice President Palin more likely?

It’s generally a big deal when the presumptive presidential nominee from either party chooses their running mate. It’s a somewhat smaller deal when the guy in second place — who may or may not force the person in first place to a contested convention — chooses his potential vice president.

There is, however, one way in which this is a big deal. For Trump, Ted Cruz’s alliance with Carly Fiorina highlights the most glaring issue facing his potential general-election campaign: Women can’t stand him. And, by taking Fiorina off the board, Cruz has left Trump with pitifully few options should he wish to soothe his problems with women by choosing a woman for his running mate.

According to Trump, women love him. He’d be fantastic for women, believe him! But when actual women — outside of Donald Trump’s head — have an opportunity to talk to pollsters about the Orange Menace, 70% of them have unfavorable views. When he ranted that Hillary Clinton only has “the woman card” to play, Mary Pat Christie, Chris Christie’s wife, appeared to roll her eyes behind him. And that’s a woman on his side!