Dear Trump supporters: Corey Lewandowski is you

Trump supporters may not realize it, but they are Lewandowski writ large.

Lewandowski wasn’t the best political mind in the country, but he was the only one willing to throw in with Trump early on. And once he outlived his usefulness, he was pushed aside.

In the same way, Trump’s voters weren’t the ideal group for a Republican primary, because many of them weren’t even Republicans and an even bigger number of them aren’t conservatives. But they, too, were the only people willing to throw in with him. So he took their support and promised them a wall and anti-PC toughness and so much #winning they’d get sick of it.

The minute those folks are inconvenient for Trump, they’ll be cast aside, too. You’ll get your wall the day after Corey Lewandowski is sworn in as chief of staff. Because for Donald Trump, loyalty is a one-way street-and even then, it’s always conditional.