Dear FBI: The future of the Democratic Party rests upon your e-mail investigation

The entire nation is waiting for you to disclose the details of your year-long email investigation.

Whether or not you recommend indictment, and whether or not you’ve found criminal wrongdoing pertaining to Clinton, should be known before the end of the Democratic Primary. Democrats can’t nominate a person who could potentially face indictment on November 7, 2016.

Of course, I’m a huge Bernie Sanders supporter, and while even many Bernie voters have surrendered to the myth that this investigation is purely politics, I believe otherwise. I remember a time when government officials respected the FBI, and a time when FBI investigations could never be associated with winning the presidency. In my humble view, I’d take the recent letter you received from agents who worked on ABSCAM very seriously, and I explain here why your reputation is at stake.

If Clinton wins, and if she did nothing wrong, then Americans need to know. However, if Clinton jeopardized national security, or might have jeopardized national security, then Democrats must rally around Bernie Sanders before it’s too late.

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