Trump supporters already pre-spinning November Trump loss

For all the bravado of Donald Trump’s online supporters, now that his sweep of the Northeast has put him in a potentially strong position to take the nomination, they are mostly spending the day…preparing to blame other people for Trump’s inevitable loss in November. You see, that’s going to be Trump’s coming general election message: it’s never his fault, or the fault of his supporters, that Trump is a terrible, doomed general election candidate – nothing is ever their fault, just the fault of shadowy conspiracies and “establishments”.

There’s been a lot of this sort of thing in my Twitter timeline, but the best example of preparing the Trump Dolchstoßlegende comes predictably from Breitbart’s John Nolte. Yes, that’s the same Breitbart where staffers have been complaining since August that they suspected the site was getting paid by Trump for favorable coverage, where site editor Joel Pollak tried to get a job as a Trump speechwriter, where national security editor Sebastian Gorka was paid by the Trump campaign as a consultant, and where the site ordered its own staff to stop defending now-ex-Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields after she was manhandled by then-Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. So, you’d be hard pressed to find many sources that speak more for the thinking of Team Trump than Nolte and his co-workers.