#NeverTrump crowd: What sweep?

Quin Hillyer, a longtime conservative columnist and activist who supports the #NeverTrump movement, described the mogul’s wins as a “slight disappointment.”

He said the group’s focus on keeping Trump from racking up delegates will continue unchanged.

“This is simple arithmetic,” he said. “This is not some mythical momentum. This is nuts and bolts, and the nuts and bolts favor people who are organized. Trump is not organized.”

By “nuts and bolts,” Hillyer was referring to activists’ efforts to keep Trump from winning the 1,237 delegates necessary to secure the party’s nomination easily this summer. And Katie Packer, who chairs the anti-Trump Our Principles PAC, said a convention kerfuffle is all but guaranteed.

“There’s just no merit to the argument that Mother Jones or any of these other media types are making, that we’re gonna have to give it to him—there’s no mechanism for giving it to him if he gets close,” she said. “There’s no Republican illuminati that sits behind the stage and says, ‘Well he got 1,150, I guess we’ll just make him the nominee.’”

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