It's time for Bernie Sanders to create a tea party of the left

Bernie, this is the moment to launch that movement. It must be committed to putting forward its own candidates at every level for school boards and city councils to the state houses and state legislatures to the U.S. Congress and the 2020 presidential race. Building it now by calling upon all your supporters in states that already have had their primaries to dedicate their energies to creating state conventions of this new grouping in which they can build the movement now. Now the media will help build it, because you command that media attention. And you can then use any platform you wish to develop for it, and the further development of its national structure, as the focus of your delegates’ assemblies at the Democratic National Convention, making it clear that this is NOT an effort to counter Hillary in this election, but to counter all those who would have opposed your agenda had you become President, something that at this moment seems highly unlikely. Once you get to that convention and are still seeming to want to steal Hillary’s show, you will be seen as a sore loser. Instead, use this time before the convention to be building the movement that will take over the Democratic Party in 2018 and 2020 and you will be seen as powerful visionary. And doing so doesn’t mean that you’ve given up on a last minute miracle at the convention that gives you the nomination, because you had started your campaign by saying that one of the goals of your campaign was to build such a movement, but till now you haven’t given that goal much serious attention. We need you to do it, now, because when left to the activists alone the in-fighting, anti-hierarchy, anti-intellectualism, and anti-structure that have bedeviled the Left for the past forty years will reappear and make it impossible for such a movement to “spontaneously” arise. This is the gift you must give to the country, by using your influence now to create it.

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