Why I chose Hillary Clinton

In a million ways, for women and girls in every walk of life, Hillary does the damn thing.

I just don’t see that from Senator Sanders. When Donald Trump said women should be punished for seeking abortions, Bernie’s response left me cold. “Any stupid, absurd remark made by Donald Trump becomes the story of the week,” he said. “Maybe, just maybe, we might want to have a serious discussion about the serious issues facing America.” As someone terrified by Trump’s flailing ginger wig of a candidacy, I took his words very seriously. We all should.

Of course I recognize that Hillary’s not perfect. She’s been working hard in the public eye for a long time and she’s made mistakes. It would be weird if she hadn’t. She’s repeatedly said that her greatest regret is her vote for the war in Iraq, and I agree that was a huge miscalculation. I believe she worked her heart out as Secretary of State to make up for it. Wouldn’t it be cool if everyone else who voted for that war did as much to promote peace and human rights around the world?

So I’ll say it again: I’m with her. Not as some winsome nod to “girl power,” but because I share her bone-deep belief that when women are strong, families are strong, and that makes our country strong. I’d like to think that if a male candidate expressed that sentiment this clearly, I’d be hauling my ass around Iowa for him too (love you, Iowa!).

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