The media will try to anoint Trump today

So why will the media do this? Well, because they obviously want Trump to win. Trump has been a ratings bonanza for all the networks, including MSNBC and CNN. Having Trump around to talk about through November would probably lead to a record setting year for the networks. Cruz is less exciting (and less likely to lose to Hillary in historic fashion), so they have a direct pecuniary interest in Trump winning the nomination. And so they are going to help it happen in any way they can.

Expect John King to do everything but place a bejeweled crown on a wax dummy of Donald Trump tonight, and don’t be deceived. They have done this every step of the way in this race. They did it after Trump won New Hampshire. They did it even more loudly after South Carolina and even more loudly than that after Nevada. They said the race was over after Super Tuesday. They said Trump had officially put the race away after Michigan. They said there’s no way this would go to a contested convention after he won Florida.

At every step of the way, the media has tried to actively paint the narrative that the GOP primary is over and the voters should get in line behind Trump. The only problem is, GOP voters keep refusing to do so, and they will keep refusing to do so after today.

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