The conservative media’s obsession with Hillary Clinton’s coughing

But mainstream media outlets haven’t made a big deal of Clinton’s coughing because, as Dr. Philip Weintraub explained last fall to an inquiring patient — The Fix’s Philip Bump — it probably doesn’t indicate anything more than a dry throat brought on by prolonged talking.

Also, Clinton’s coughing thing has been a thing for almost a decade now — during which time she has managed to run for president twice and serve four years as secretary of state. If it were really a symptom of some terrible ailment that would prevent her from fulfilling her duties, wouldn’t it have done so by now?

In 2007, a coughing fit interrupted Clinton’s commencement address at Dillard University in New Orleans. Drudge took note of that episode, too, but seemed to give her a pass.

“The campaign trail is long and tough,” he wrote at the time, sounding an awful lot like Clinton herself.