Megyn Kelly will lay waste to Donald Trump

Donald Trump has agreed to an interview with a cable-news host. It’s approximately his 8,000th such appearance since he launched his campaign in June 2015. So why is the Erik Wemple Blog dedicating a blog post to the matter?

The interview is with Megyn Kelly, the Fox News host whose life Trump has pretty much ruined since Aug. 6. That night, Kelly co-hosted a GOP debate and pulverized Trump with a line of questioning about his misogynistic treatment of women. The questions touched off renewed misogyny from Trump, along with follow-the-leader misogyny from the masses on social media. In various interviews over recent months, Kelly has commented about how she can’t look at her mentions on Twitter. “It poses real risks to the person under attack,” said the host in one interview, clearly alluding to dark experiences associated with Trump’s obsession.

All the nastiness hasn’t diminished Kelly’s interest in interviewing Trump, however. So intent on the “get” was Kelly, in fact, that she asked to meet with him and showed up two weeks ago at his office to clear the air — as if doing so required any exertion on her part.

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